02 December 2008

Can I see the hands of my real believers?

For those of you who care - New Girl, The Burp, k., QEII, Jessie Mo, Sarah Ulmer, Carol and Karen - there's a new post over on Peppermint Crisp. I'm not making any wild and crazy promises about what might happen in the future. But there's something there today.

And, really, living for today is where it's at, n'est-ce pas?


k said...

oooh, I hope its a penguin

hazelblackberry said...

Not one, but TWO, penguin comments. Truly, I am blessed. But not doubly blessed in the manner of a lively narrative by Mr Meat Loaf, Esq.

The Man at the Pub said...

So what have you got for those of us who don't care?

hazelblackberry said...

Nothin'. I got nothin'.

k said...

yes, but you're not seventeen anymore sweetheart!

jim said...

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