02 November 2008

No More Guch for the Pooch

I've been going TV-free* for the past few weeks and I tell you what, I've been doing some reading! But after twelve hours of country driving today, I came home and thought, "What the hell, I might have a night on the couch staring at the screen. What's on the telly? " Well this is the sum total of what was on: nothing. I scoured the TV guide for a sign of life but there was nary a flicker. I was briefly enticed by an episode of American Dad on pay until I read the summary and realised it was one I'd seen before - one of the same three they show on endless repeat.

Nothing on TV! I feel as though my TV-free life has been, like, totally vindicated?

So I guess there's no getting around it: I am now going to have to retire to the shower. And then maybe I'll ring a couple of friends and interrupt their TV watching. I'm like a crusading angel. Only without the crusading bit. Or being an angel.

*I have watched a couple of DVDs on loan, but that's about it.

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