05 November 2008

Mr State Trooper

QEII was escorting me off the premises after a particularly raucous and thoroughly unbloggable evening at her place. I hunted in my bag for my keys.

"Should I be driving? That's a question for the ages."

"No, lovey, that's a question for the police."


QE11 said...

Is that it?

hazelblackberry said...

You will note I described the evening as unbloggable, which, let's face it, it was. Except perhaps the bit where you spewed.

Anyway, I'm sure something to report will come out of tomorrow...

QE11 said...

It wasn't a spew, it was a LADY PUKE......just a small little spew into my handbag.

I'm saving the spew for tomorrow along with some special time with Puss.