04 November 2008

At least Celtic won.

Despite our poor showing at a couple of quiz nights last year, and his subsequent slide into a week-long depression, The Antiquer got all enthused and organised a table at a quiz night last Saturday night. New Girl and Man Hands (not to be confused with Tan Hands) came along, as did Hong Kong Fooey. HKF had enjoyed several beers before showing up and indulged in a few more during the evening. He seemed to consider his role at the table as providing a few bon mots here and there, hooting and hollering at inappropriate moments and occasionally yelling out, "Yep, we've got the answer to that one," after the quiz master had read out a question. The Antiquer, New Girl and I thought he was hilarious so who cares what anyone else thought.

One question asked during the evening was something like, "What is the name of the list of ships produced each year?"

"Did he say shiPs?" asked Hong Kong Fooey.

"Yes. ShiPs. It's Lloyd's Register," said New Girl.

"I just wanted to check. Because if it was the other sort, that would be BRW."

Oh. We didn't win. Again. Fortunately The Antiquer is too busy doing stuff this time to have an existential crisis about it.

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