07 February 2008

My old man, for one, was snoring.

We haven't had any rain in over 40 days. The days and nights have been long and hot and, of late, muggy. Grumpy and I have been getting by with just our trusty De Longhi pedestal fan. Sorry to drop names there, but seriously, that was $200 well spent. We tell each other with a great deal of smugness and self-satisfaction that we don't need the air con, refrigerated air conditioning just ends up trapping you indoors, it's not real life.

Blah blah BLAAAAH.

Last night we finally cracked and put the air con on. You know, the fan is perfectly doable but, oh, how lovely to be swanning around in cool, dry air for an evening.

And even lovelier to wake up this morning to the sound of steady rain. Then on the bus I heard some moron huff about how inconvenient this rain was, today of all days. It was really going to put a dent in his plans. Not, I'd wager, as big a dent as his fellow passengers were about to put in his brain.

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Karen said...

Don't you hate that?!