13 February 2008

My Eyes Have Seen You

k. and I were walking on the beach. A wind was blowing, the sort that Bloody Ern would have called a howling easterly. It made the water nice and flat and kept the flies at bay. What I'm saying is, it was a strong wind but it did its job.

The past couple of days I've picked up some bits of glass, nicely worn by the water and the sand. As we walked along this morning in the half light I grabbed at a piece of glass, light green mottled with some darker patches. I felt with my fingers around the edge of it: the corners were sharpish but the overall surface felt...well...soft, even squishy. Odd, I thought, trying to figure it out.

k. looked slightly exasperated, "Haze, it's watermelon rind."


Not long after this we were chatting away when k. began a story with, "I was telling my friend about you last night..."

Now, I don't know about you, maybe you're made of sterner stuff, but frankly I was affronted by the way that was put. I was ticked off, if you will. I told k. this. She just looked at me like she was going to push me into the ocean.

Then she got distracted by a grass ball floating on the water, which she thought were the feelers of a crayfish just surfacing to offer itself up for breakfast.

Suddenly my watermelon rind wasn't looking quite so hopeless.

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k said...

Hmmm; gonna be lonely walkin' by y'self tomorrow.