12 February 2008

And little lambs eat ivy

One of Grumpy's more difficult colleagues has come to the end of a long period of bachelordom and has got himself a girlfriend.

As we headed to the beach yesterday Grumpy informed me, "He's so much easier to get along with now that he's getting his greens."

"His greens? I think you mean his oats."

"No. Greens."

"I can assure you, my dear, that it's oats."


"Whatever. Both good for you. It's not like you'd be interested."


Karen said...

Hi, I'm going to assume you didn't see the last email I sent you (it's just easier that way). I'm not sure how often you check that account, so I've sent you another email and this reminder.

hazelblackberry said...

Didja see I replied? Didja?

Mary Bennet said...

I thought it was onions...

hazelblackberry said...

I've also heard that used. Clearly the congress of the bee is closely related to the food world.