04 January 2008

We're gonna have a good time

Today is k.'s birthday. So, in a fit of "do as I say, not as I do", I insisted that we do something to celebrate and I managed to bully her and her child, husband and sister into meeting me at the South Beach Cafe for breakfast. Everyone seemed happily compliant, though I suspect there was underlying bitterness because when I made a light-hearted comment about being pretentious k.'s sister, Kiss Fan Club, said, "That must be why you and k. get along so well."

Bitter, KFC, very bitter.

Anyway, d. and t. and KFC had to go off and do other stuff so k. and I went back to her place and talked about colon cleansing. k. has an open mind about these things but I expressed my derisive scorn. There were a lot of flies hanging around at the cafe and I was probably not as vigilant as I could have been about brushing them away from my food. As a result, now that I am in here at work, my stomach is sending me messages that I may be in for an involuntary bout of colon cleansing at any moment.

Happy birthday, k.! Happy as always to fill it with a bit of style and class!


Lonie Polony said...

Ooo, good luck with that. I try to avoid colon evacuations at work...

k said...

oh dear, Ihope you're ok now, I meant to call you yesterday but got distracted by shiny things.
will call you tomorrow.