07 January 2008

She loves it when the shoe's on the other foot.

Last week, when breakfasting with k. and co., I mentioned - somewhat sheepishly - that for the three days I'd been back at work I hadn't managed to get into the office until after 10am. Not that the boss minds, I pointed out - it's just that one does occasionally like to pay lip service to concepts of professionalism and all that.

So imagine the hysteria k. experienced when she rang me just after 8 this morning and I said, "Can I call you back in a couple of hours? I'm just at the hairdresser."


k said...

they take two ours to cut your har?! (that Your should be italicised if I knew how to do it...just imagine it is and add the appropriate tone of voice)

hazelblackberry said...

It's not the cutting so much as the colouring and, er, the head massage.