14 January 2008

It all turned out to be a horrible dream....

I came into work this morning feeling good about the world, the beautiful day, the lovely pot roast I'd cooked the night before. Then New Girl came into my office and gave me some rather surprising but exciting news about developments in her life, which I am not at liberty to share, but just trust me, it's all things that's good.

So the day was looking decidedly rosy and that's when I decided to make a couple of phone calls just to, you know, check on a couple of things. Fast forward two hours and hazelblackberry has dissolved into a teary puddle of frustration and rage as a consequence of dealing with The Government and Other Institutions. My god, how many times did I have to confirm to a somewhat skeptical person on the other end of the line that, no, I did NOT have a reference number??

Later, when New Girl had scooped my sad carcass off my office floor and got me outside for a refreshing spell in the sunshine, I'd recovered enough to suggest to her that the next time I was asked for a reference number I might be able to give them one. Only it would be made up of all letters and contain a somewhat startling message.

Moral: When things are looking up, for the love of Pete, don't push it. Just don't.

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