04 December 2007

Interrupting Our Regular Scheduling

Goodness me, what a difference a few days makes. Bonjour, December!

Let's see what's been happening in the world of hazelblackberry in the last few days:

- An invitation to Boxer Girl's 40th birthday lunch, eating delicious food by the river. At the end of the afternoon Boxer Girl, who had been celebrating mightily, fell off her chair and on to the floor. We crowded around her, laughed and took photos. The maitre d' looked a little concerned. I think he was thinking "law suit".
- Boxer Girl's 40th birthday party extravaganza. New Girl and I arrived early and left relatively early - a bit after 11pm. Grumpy looked at the photos as they downloaded on to the computer and observed, "That party looked like it was about to get very willing." From all reports, he didn't know the half of it.
- A lovely Sunday drive with Grumpy up to Lancelin.
- Drinks and dinner in Fremantle with Scarab.

Life is good. Sometimes it's just too good to be sarky.

Quirkie has asked for some extracts from "Politeness for Boys". I'll be back with that.

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