17 December 2007

All the Pretty Flowers

Yesterday we went down to Bezley's for a birthday lunch - onion soup, roast turkey with a plethora of veggies and cake (not all on the same plate). Cinderella was there with my rambunctious nephews. U2 , the older boy, was putting on a shy act and pretending he couldn't speak. We tried to entice him by talking about Christmas.

"That's right," said Bezley in her best sing-song voice. "It is nearly Christmas, U2. And who do we see at Christmas time? Santa! Hey, tell Aunty Hazel and Uncle Grumpy about the present you got from Santa in the park."

Unfortunately I caught Cinderella's eye and there was much snorting.

I never claimed to be a grown up.

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Anonymous said...

belated happy birthday