22 October 2007

eWaves of Disgust

I am back in Perth ("I kiss the sweet ground!" cries Grumpy) so you know The Burp can't be too far from this blog. Our friend Clarinet has been living in England for several years now and emailed us over the weekend to tell us that her mobile phone had been stolen, in Shanghai of all places. The Burp was not at all pleased with the content of the email:

From: The Burp
Sent: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 11:46
To: hazelblackberry
Subject: Re: mobile phone stolen

She said "shite-head".....what has happened to her Australian heritage? She even has an accent in her emails now.*

*I couldn't believe The Burp ended this sentence with a mere full stop. I would have thought the outpouring of emotion warranted at least one exclamation mark.

1 comment:

k said...

What is he? the pope?