30 July 2007

Should not operate heavy machinery

We made our way through torrential downpours to and from lunch, so fixated were we on corn chips and salty glass rims. When we got back to the office the three of us were fairly soaked. Our shoes were squelching (so was my stomach, but that's another story).

Boxer Girl has a fan heater stashed in her office. She's on holidays so we grabbed it, brought it into my office, lined our wet shoes up in front of it and let 'er rip. I was merrily tapping away an email to someone, gently pointing out the error of their ways (this is why it's a pleasure to come to work: I get paid to snark!), when suddenly there was a flash and my computer died.

Turns out the heater had been plugged into the power board that is attached to the socket that has a large sign above it which says, in bright red letters, COMPUTER ONLY. The heater cutting in and out had caused the computer to switch itself off. Some complex thing involving that electrickery stuff had also caused the heater to blow a fuse.

Luckily the computer came back on - that would have been embarrassing to explain. The heater, however, appears to be resolutely cactus. I don't mind buying Boxer Girl a new heater, but I deeply resent the fact that I'm going home tonight in wet shoes.


NewGirl said...

My seat is now wet from my wet skirt. I should have brunged a whole stack of napkins back to intervene at the bum/chair interface.

Karen said...

Must be nice to get paid to sneer.

My word verification is sgfylamb: "So good for ya, lamb."

See, Blogger likes you.

hazelblackberry said...

Oh dear, I updated this entry to change sneer to snark. I was thinking one thing but typed another. Although my faults are many, sneering is not one of them.

Snarking most certainly is!

Cellobella said...

Now I am grateful to my technical guy who made sure my heater was not plugged into my computer powerpoint thingy... at the time I thought he was being a bit pedantic...