31 July 2007


New Girl has started seeing A Nice Chap, who also happens to be a few years older than her (ahem, 13 years older) and is a smoker. Today at lunchtime we convened a general meeting of The Shanks Pony Society (membership: 2) and wandered into town to Borders, where we spent more than expected on books, and to Gloria Jeans, where we spent exactly what we expected to on extremely caffeinated chocolate drinks*.

On the way back to work we were discussing Nice Chap.

"You know he's a smoker? I have to say that kissing him was not an unpleasant experience. I don't just mean from the fact that I got to Kiss Him. There was no unpleasant smoker thing happening."

"Really? I don't think I've ever kissed a smoker. Except my dad. And that was pretty chaste."

"Oh, no tongue?"

"No, no tongue........Endless shuddering."

"Yes, we could stop walking right now and our shudders would carry us back to the office."

*Also, we passed a pair of men busking and they were singing some kind of love song as a couple walked past. Suddenly the man of the couple got down on one knee and proposed to the woman. People were staring. By people I mean New Girl and I. There was applause, the woman was red in the face. I hope the buskers got a tip. Something more than, "Work hard; be good to your mother."


k said...

Gid, I hope she said yes. I think the concept of a very public proposal is so flamboyantly romantic, but oh!!; the cringe factor if you got turned down. (Actually every time I hear a great proposal story lik this it makse me bitter)

k. said...

actuslly that was God. (It is a little hard to see as I peer through a haze (hee hee) of scribble on the freshly adorned screen of my mother's new computer. which has been delightfully embellished by the bomber and a ballpoint.)

k. said...

sorry can't spell today at all.

River said...

Oooh! a cliffhanger! Did the woman accept his proposal??

hazelblackberry said...

What with all the clapping and handshaking and blushing and hugging, we kind of assume that it was a yes.