30 June 2007


It all happened because I was distracted.

The Burp had been talking about how hard she'd been working (out) at the gym that week and how she was starting to feel it in her muscles.

At some point, I don't know why, she leant over and rubbed The Rooster's face, making a point of the fact that he'd had a shave. The Rooster has been working away in the country for a while.

Then the next thing I know Mrs Chopper is saying to her, "Well, you'll be too sore to do anything when I come round tomorrow."

My jaw dropped. "God Almighty*, that's a bit rough!"

"What?" said Mrs Chopper. "What?! I meant because of the gym."

*I feel it's best to address Mrs Chopper in the most respectful, and crawly, way possible.

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