15 June 2007

Careful, He Might Hear You

The Burp and I are supposed to be off to a part-ay tonight, but I left a message on her phone this morning saying I wouldn't be going because I wasn't feeling 100%. After getting the message and then reading the previous blog entry good old Burp thought she'd better ring me and ensure I wasn't nervously breaking down.

While we were chatting she was browsing through my other blog. She came across the picture of my special mug. "Bloody hell! That thing looks like it was made by a caveman!"


And she has the nerve to pretend that she cares.


JahTeh said...

It's called "rustic" and future archeologists will value it enormously. I hope you signed your name.

hazelblackberry said...

It has my initials on the bottom. I'm gonna live forever...

Quirkie said...

Old Bean,

Do you have a cold (or, flu, as some would have it)?

I only ask because I have one, and I'm looking for sympathy.

To which I will reply, "Oh it's only a head cold (little cough, little cough, little water around the eyes)"


Quirkie said...

Good Lord, I need a new profile picture. Tell me I do.