21 October 2005


It seems that all of Wallenius Wilhelmsen's ships' names begin with a T. There's the Tasman and the famous Tampa and this week the latest bright orange brick sitting in the port is the Talisman.

I like the little gangway that slopes down the side of the ship. It leads nowhere but to the long drop down to the ocean at one open end. There's no gate to stop you going off the edge. I like it. I like to think that out at sea they still make the occasional slippery varmint walk the plank.


Ted Tedious said...

Well, that's right, the Wilhelmsen ones, the Norwegian half of the joint venture, all start with T; most are place names starting with T. Most but not all in fact start with Ta. ... However, the Wallenius ones, that being the Swedish side of the joint venture, all are names of operas. ... But then too, there are the eight ships of a related company, American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier, all incestuously sold by Wilhelmsen or Wallenius to a special-purpose company for putting under the US flag. They are named things like Patriot, Honor, Courage. But they used to be named things like Otello and Taronga.

True Blue said...

The things one learns in this blog...well done ted!

SuperFreo! said...

Indeed. And that explains why there's a hulking green Wallenius in Port Fremantle at the moment.


hazelblackberry said...

Ooh! Thanks, Ted. Does that explain why some ships are orange and some are green? I prefer the orange. It's jaunty.