11 May 2012

Coins in the Fountain

New Girl has gorn part-time at her Place Of Employ, and has Tuesdays and Thursdays off work - not that a woman's work is ever done, lest we fergit. The brilliant part of this for me is that it means every Thursday we meet for lunch and endless gossip. And, let me assure you, the gossip is endless. Or, at the very least, measureless. Like a piece of string. You know, not technically, because of course any given, actual piece of string is measurable, but like the piece of string when you say to someone, "How long will this be?" and that someone, all dry and laconic, replies, "How long's a piece of string?"

In that way, is what I mean.

Apparently I had been rather enthusiastic about New Girl going part-time and had told her a while ago, "Fantastic! Now every day at work will be like Friday because you've got the next day off."

It is not in my friend's nature to see the glass as half-empty so I was somewhat supreezed when she reminded me of what I'd said and then added, "I've had it all the wrong way round! I've been thinking how it's not so great because every day I have off is like a depressing Sunday afternoon."

(Which is not exactly how I want time with me described, I'll have you know.)

Anyway, in my view, there's very little wrong with Sunday afternoon. Sunday morning would be more the worry: up early for church! And what part-timer can afford all that tithing?

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New Girl said...

You bloody well know that's not what I meant! I can already hear you telling me: " Start your OWN blog then...!"