29 April 2012

Small Comforts

Scarab and I trundled along to the cinemaaah to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. My friend was feeling a bit blue and needed a little cheering up. It was a lovely, entertaining movie and although it lifted her spirits - helped, no doubt, by the bottle of wine and nachos we consumed - I could see she was still in the grip of some emotional malady as we drifted along. Scarab hooked her arm through mine and asked, "haze, do you think when we're old we'll still have each other to rely on?" "I have no doubt of that, my dear friend." "When we were kids, did you know that we'd be friends forever?" "Yeah. Yeah, I did."

Given her fragile state of mind that evening, what I omitted to tell her was that when we were 12, I thought 'forever' pretty much took you through to about 30.

1 comment:

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