09 April 2012

A General Observation

Back in the late 90s/early 00s, I was half-heartedly keeping a diary. Just little notes jotted down about amusing, diverting or interesting things that had crossed my path that day. Looking back, I see that what I was really doing was keeping a blog - but in paper form. Think about it. A blog in paper form? Who could ever conceive of such a thing!

(I didn't write about my feelings, by the way. How horrific. I committed some of those to paper in my high school and uni days and the briefest glance at those pages some years later was enough to consign them all to the flames - the flames!)

I have, as many will know, become a radical culler of All Things and so the aforementioned 90s/00s diaries were first cannibalised for the pages on which had been scrawled the various notes, and now I am transferring them all to a word file so that the pages themselves may be binned. Which is how I like it. Binning and deleting.

However, before they are forever forgotten, I've come across a few mementos that might be worth recording here. Such as the morning I was supposed to cook breakfast for Don Mary. I'd neglected to do any shopping for the event so the evening before, after the shops had shut, I was at Bloody Ern and Bezley's scrounging eggs, bacon & fruit, and grabbing a loaf of bread Bezley happened to have made. Watching the panicked shenanigans, Ern commented that I was like Napoleon, not carrying any provisions with me but plundering what I needed as I swept through the countryside.

I tell you what, though, I could never pull that jacket off.


lahikmajoe said...

Oh, I disagree.

You could totally pull off the jacket.


Prudence said...

What a delight to see you back. I had missed you