13 April 2011

The Wee Morning Hours

I'm no different from anyone else, I'm sure, but when I was a kid wetting the bed was generally...er...precipitated by dreams where I was busting for a wee and would be rushing around trying to find a toilet, my relief at finally getting to one to be only short-lived as I woke in my bed, in the dark, swimming in a puddle of my own piddle.

(Hey, come on, I could have thrown paddle in there too.)

I will never ever forget the night I woke from one such dream before I got to the toilet scene and was able to get up, like a big girl, and go to the toilet. It was a revelation. It smelled of victory, and maybe napalm. But that could have just been the lingering mothball odour from the sheets.

Although from that point on I marched proudly forth into a non-bed wetting future, I must admit that what stays with me is the dreams and a lingering fear of wetting the bed. Many are the nights I've woken anxiously from such a nightmare, pawing at the bed checking for dryness or, horrors, wetness.

While living with Grumpy he made a significant dip on his side of the bed so I would often carefully pat around him to check he was not snoring blissfully in a warm bath courtesy of moi.

I know I'm not going to wet the bed. I'm 41 years old. I haven't went the bed for 35 years - give or take 15 years. And if it did happen, so what? It's only wee. But still. I have to go to Spotlight next week. Maybe I should check if they do waterproof sheets for queen size beds.


Carol said...


A post! A post!

HandyDandy dream analysis via the InformationSuperHighway says:

To dream that you wet the bed, represents a lack of control in your life. You are experiencing a lot of anxieties.

Clearly nothing in that at all.

New Girl said...

You've blogged!

Joyous Maximus!

I like how you wait til you're moving house, and then decide there's time to blog!

Just when I thought today simply couldn't get any better....

Karen said...

Sadly, the extent of my response is the verbal equivalent of a hesitant pat on the back while looking helplessly off in the other direction. (Yes, I'm one of those people.)

So far, I've always managed to wake up before finding the elusive toilet I sometimes search for in my dreams. Thank God!

Anonymous said...

The word verification is 'picalo'... is that when you almost made it through the night without wetting the bed?

Mary Bennet said...

They DO make those kind of sheets.

The last time I almost wet the bed I was 15 and having a particularly vivid dream about being a sprinkler. I might have been anxious but I'd probably also had a gallon of tea that evening.

Welcome back hb.

WR is "acenc", say no more.

Spud Mack said...

Dont they make bed sheets now where an alarm goes off if you wet them? I think they should short the circuit so that the bed wetter gets an electric shock. That may solve some problems

sadnohr said...

I had the exact same problem while growing up, until I began to wake up in time. Now if I dream about trying to find a bathroom I know to wake myself up.

I think it may be part of a sleep disorder called sleep paralysis where I couldn't wake up in time as an adolescent.

Oh the nightmares I've had where I couldn't wake myself up, or wake up before the REM cycle completes and I can't move for several minutes.

Anonymous said...

The file for your blog photo is named 'nip nip'. Any particular reason you chose it?

hazelblackberry said...

I would have thought it was obvious - can you not get a closer look at the photo?

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