02 November 2010

At First Blush

When I was in the US earlier this year, staying with Dr and Mrs Seegud in the bucolic surrounds of Three Rivers, it came to pass that one day Mrs Seegud dragged me off to the local nursery for a browse and possibly even a fossick.

The nursery stocks many Australian plants because they're hardy and water wise, which is exactly the sort of flora required where they live. Mrs Seegud had her mind set on a bottlebrush. To our delight, we not only found many bottlebrushes, but one that is specific to here: a Perth Pink! We snatched it up (and paid for it, naturally) and took it home for planting.

When she'd found the ideal spot for the sapling, Mrs S looked at me and the good Dr with great satisfaction and announced, "I'm going to name this the 'hazelblackberry Memorial Bottlebrush'!"

Dr Seegud gave me a look.

"Er," I said, "memorial? Just exactly what do you think is going to happen to me?"

1 comment:

curious said...

perhaps a maidenhair fern would be more appropriate?