21 March 2010

Giddy - Up

This blogging every day is harder than it looks, you know. Which I guess is why I haven't actually been doing it. [It's easier when you're battling a mental illness, and that is too high a price to pay for the second time.]

So this afternoon I've been doing some cleaning out of old junk I've had lying around for ages. Some of it is worth hanging on to, some of it isn't. Here are a couple of gems I thought could do with another moment in the sun.

(1) I must have ripped this from a magazine in the 80s - it's humorous, sure, but check out the price of a cup of coffee!

When I first stumbled across this amongst my souvenirs, I saw only the back of it and was somewhat puzzled as to why I would have treasured Molly's ins and outs (in any form).

(2) I used to work with a guy who was known to a few of us as Pony Boy because, if you can believe such a thing, he wore his hair in a ponytail. There were many aspects of Pony Boy's personality and habits that irritated me profoundly, but most annoying of all was the loud, slurpy, messy way he would eat at the desk right behind me. One day after a particularly long and virulent lunchtime rant on the subject to DJ Pups, I returned to work to find she had rendered my pain with great artistry and sensitivity:

Maybe I'll keep this one after all. If I put it on the fridge, it might put me off my food - and that could only be a good thing. It'd nice to be able to think fondly of Pony Boy after all these years.


George said...

This Molly guy-thing sure looks like it hit the bottle once (or twice) too often...
The fad in the hat?

Anonymous said...

Molly's an Aussie icon - you can't say THAT about the face of "Count Down" you know. He's like Royalty ferchrissake... a Queen in his own right!


Bugger! ;-)