14 January 2010

I can't keep it in, I gotta let it out.

From: New Girl@
Sent: Thursday, 14 January 2010 1:44 PM
To: hazelblackberry@
Subject: RE: howz ya?

man, my neck is sore. i must have terrible workplace posture.
also my thumb hurts from too much mousing. it's a real problem.
did i mention that my foot is worse? i think i need that surgery soon that means i have to spend 6 weeks on crutches.
this morning i was so hot and i thought i might be starting menopause. but W says i am too young.
i'm spending the day [doing work stuff]
should we have dinner after the movie? "a little dinner could do no harm" as CZJ says in that Coen brothers film I love.
hey listen to my circumplex jokes: What do you get if you mix red and green? A manager! Why are so many people so blue? because they are working on getting things past the managers.
admittedly they are weak. but so is the management.
man, those first two colours are making me crave a salad with lots of capsicum. i really have to eat less cheese sandwiches.
better get back to my stickers.
good luck in the car park [not sure if you need it or not until I hear your car park story]

From: hazelblackberry@
Sent: Thursday, 14 January 2010 1:49 PM
To: New Girl@
Subject: I'm blogging this

Yes to dinner.

And, uh, could we discuss your coffee consumption??


new girl said...

Man! if I'm not gonna edit my emails then YOU should!

Karen said...

You've got so much to say, say what you mean, mean what you're thinking, and think anything. Why not?