23 November 2009

Yeeow! Ayipioeeay!

So I'm the office weirdo again.

Two of the big bosses came to visit us in a you've-all-done-very-well-thank-you-Mr-Grace kind of way. The arvo tea was going quite well and Big Boss 1 was commenting on how he needed to come to our offices more often. BB2, a slightly nervous man, piped up and suggested that if they were going to be strolling between buildings over summer, then perhaps we needed to budget for some parasols.

I then loudly announced, "Or perhaps for you, BB2, a surrey with a fringe on top."

*pins dropped*
*tumbleweeds rolled*
*a thousand years of deadly silence*

Someone guffawed, but I think it was at me and not with me.

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