19 October 2009

Snake Tales Look

I was driving along with Scarab and goodness knows how it came up but I said to her, "So Jessie Mo's brother wrote this blog for a while which was kind of like a defence of communism."

"What on Earth does that mean?"

"What do you mean? A blog? Communism?"

"No, defensive communism."

"Not defensive communism. I said, 'A defence of communism.'"


"Good one. Yeah, defensive communism: it's a whole new school of martial arts. You disarm your opponents with philosophy." [chops air] "Haaa! Capitalism alienates the worker from the means of production!" [chops air again] "HiiiiiiiiiYA! From each according to his ability, to each according to his need!"

"I think you've made your point."

Sometimes I feel so unappreciated.

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Susan said...

The rest of us quite enjoyed the tutorial.