15 October 2009

Thrifting the Spend

Last night I trundled up to New Girl's to help her move her cross trainer from one room to another (Man Hands is away and thus not available to apply his manly hands to the task). I'd been idling my time away at home when she'd texted me:

I need you to come over and help me move this maldicion cross trainer! Not NOW just whenever.

I felt the pain in the plain text and zooted straight up to her place. Well it didn't take long to move the equipment and then we took up flopped positions on the couches in the living room to contemplate the world and all that it contains: specifically, our marvellous selves. We were talking about our mutual Frugality Drive, in which we vow and declare not to spend any money - not counting all those clothes I bought last weekend, and possibly also not counting the new car she and Man Hands just bought. Other than that, it's frugality all the way. Starting right now. Totally.

One of New Girl's frugal options is to make her own iced coffee at home, rather than stopping at Muzz Buzz each morning on her way to work. Given her rampant caffeine addiction, and the price of a Muzz Buzz iced coffee, this seems like a good place to start. I've decided - well, the decision was kind of forced on me with the loss of my free car park - to stop driving to work every day and to catch the bus a minimum of three days a week. It's been a while since I've graced any form of public transport and I have to say that I'm quite looking forward to giving the great unwashed the benefit of my presence each day.

I begin this charitable work tomorrow. I see from the weather site that it's going to be a warm day, and it's only getting warmer for the next few months. My only hope is that when I jump on the trusty 881 that the great unwashed is a metaphor only and that my fellow passengers are right up to date with their ablutions and liberal applications of deodorant.

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