08 September 2009

My only defence is that wine was involved.

k. and I were enjoying a spot of dinner out. We were talking about boot camp because, regrettably, this is what I have come to conversationally. k. had started boot camp with me, if you remember, but had very wisely and quickly given it the flick. We had different takes on some of the people who had been in the original class. I didn't like the skinny bints who looked me up and down each morning as I arrived, while k. was less fond of a more mature woman who participated for a while and then dropped out.

In the course of telling a story, I mentioned a couple of names.

"Is she the one I didn't like?" asked k.

"No, that was _____. She doesn't come anymore."

"But really," I added. "I shouldn't comment. I know nothing about her personal life."

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