17 September 2009

Homer, I hardly knew you.

RobertPlant is beavering away on another literary masterpiece, or three. He sent me some excerpts to read and then asked for an instant opinion (ie, validation). I give good validation.

"I really like this one. I think this is the best thing I've seen you write." [I said, validatingly.]

"Oh yeah, out of the dozens of things I've written."

"No! There's the one about the French guy, and that other one about the war."

[Snort of derision.] "I looked at that one the other day. What a load of... I'd love to be able to completely re-write it."

"It's a good story!"

"Yeah, well I've decided it's time to clean up my act. I've got to stop pretending I'm Bruce Chatwin and start pretending I'm Peter Ackroyd. I need to channel a brand new effete English writer."

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