24 August 2009

Cold Like Concrete

In conversation with work colleagues. We're talking about having/not having kids.

Me: I can't stand the idea but of course if I found myself pregnant -

Male colleague interrupts: Which would be an immaculate conception!

I am not normally one for LOLing or OMGing but....


(What the maldicion??)


The glass doors at the front of the building where I work are skinnifying. They're marvellous. They're particularly gratifying when you've indulged in a pie and/or chips for lunch and return feeling a trifle...full.

So the other morning as I approached the doors, I noticed another woman walking in with me. This woman was very attractive and beautifully dressed. It just so happened that she was significantly...er...plump.

What I meant to say as we walked towards the doors: Woman to woman, sister to sister, I'm sure we can agree, while we share a self-deprecating giggle at our female idiosyncrasies, that if we have to work, it's nice to work in a building that lets us start each day with such a flattering reflection.

What I said: I bet you're pleased that these doors make you look skinny.

There was a very awkward and frosty silence in the lift as we made our agonisingly slow way to our respective floors.


k said...


JahTeh said...

Even if you were a horse HB, you'd still be able to get all 4 hooves into that mouth. Er, hoofs?

Lonie Polony said...

OMG! (These jargons what the yoof use have their place). I'm sorry for your unfortunate gaff - I've had a few in my time.