19 May 2009

Pacifier is as pacifier does.

We have an online system thingy for checking our payslips and other stuff. I haven't been able to get on it since I started here, but I finally decided I'd better do something about it. I wrote to our personnel people a couple of times trying to get it fixed until finally the woman I'd been dealing with sent me an email saying:

"...your user ID is your system user login and your password is your date of birth ddmmyy."

Except when I first read it I thought it said, "and your password is your date of birth, dummy."

And the thing is, with everything I've been messing up lately, I couldn't really take umbrage at it.


Karen said...

I remember when I worked as a technical writer, we were not supposed to talk about "dummy" accounts, either setting them up or using them, because some people didn't understand how the word was being used and thought it was a personal statement.

Hmm, maybe it was.

k said...

i thought that when i read your post too!

Anonymous said...

Glad they´re not using American notation (mmddyy), then they´d call you "Muddy"!!! How much of an insult would that be...