07 May 2009

Love Letter... And Then

Here's the thing about Lost in Translation: she rang me on Monday and asked me if I'd be able to pick up her daughter, Miss Chaplin, from her day care centre after work today because she'd be stuck at a function. So I said, yes, of course, and she said thank you and sent me the details that I needed to know and then, marvellously, I didn't hear from her again.

Now, this is her kid and if she'd rung me each day twice a day checking to see that I'd remembered our arrangement I wouldn't have minded, I would have understood. But she didn't! The first I heard from her was this afternoon when I texted her to say I had Miss Chaplin and we were heading into Borders, and she replied to say she'd be along in the next half hour or so. It must take a lot of willpower to be that laid back, because when she clapped eyes on Miss Chaplin tonight in the mall they both screamed and covered each other in kisses.

And here's the other thing: I've mentioned before that LiT loves being in Perth. When we met up tonight she gave me a big hug and got all teary and told me how great it is to be here and how happy she is having me for a friend, and then we walked along with her arm linked in mine. I think that's great. It certainly made me feel good.

Then Miss Chaplin told us both she loved us and the three of us stood around beaming at each other, and somewhere in the back of my brain a little voice was saying, "Great! Some eligible bachelor just walked by and wrote you off as a lesbian."


Anonymous said...

Even worse, a lesbian with child, therefore probably married before and now completely of off men...


k said...

were you wearing lipstick?!

hazelblackberry said...

k.: No, and neither was LiT. But we were both wearing pants. Make of that what you will.

Anon: yet more proof that kids are nothing but a burden.

k said...

well I would probably make more of it if you weren't wearing pants!
(this is so great - my word verification is "underin")