05 May 2009

A Leg to Stand On

The Antiquer ran a 10k race the other night. I went along with him and kept Small Thing entertained while he ran round and round a track and a band played some pretty awful cover songs at the other end of the oval at a frisbee championship or something.

Though the band may have posed a dangerous threat to throwing everyone off their stride, Small Thing did her best to keep her father focussed, vigilantly watching for him running past and yelling, "Go, Dad!" or "Go, Mister Bister" each time he appeared. At least she kept "Go, Steve Irwin!" to herself. This time.

And it must have had an effect because The A won! When he was presented with his trophy, Small Thing went up with him and wasn't satisfied until everyone knew that, "This is my Dad's first trophy, and my mum's already got three."

That's girl power for you.

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