27 May 2009

Get On It!

This morning I was deep in thought, trying to decide what music to listen to on my iPod as I walked into work. I was down in the Ts and it came down to a choice between Technotronic or Tanita Tikaram. I eventually settled on Technotronic because:

(a) Ms Tikaram can, quite frankly, be a bit of a downer and when we're heading into work upbeat is what is required; and
(b) 'We just poked a little empty pie for the fun that people have at night' - Tanita, what the hell are you talking about??

So Technotronic it was. But as I walked along, the dance beats pouring into my head, I was gripped with fear: what if I was so overwhelmed by the music that I just started dancing crazily, right there in the car park? I confront this fear often, when passing by buskers or the people posing as statues accompanied by techno, or even the Salvation Army Band playing in Forrest Chase at Christmastime. I worry that I'll start walking in time to the music, and then where will it all end? It makes me very awkward.

It's funny, I was just talking to someone at lunch time about phobias. I claimed that a fear of spiders was my solitary phobia. But that was only because I couldn't think of a word that neatly encapsulated 'afraid of unwillingly and spontaneously busting a move in public'.

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