08 April 2009

Words So Lightly Flung

Now bear in mind our conversation had been started off by a reference to email. k., d., and I were flopping around their house last night after our magnificent roast lamb dinner (thanks, d; that was delish) when k. asked d. to check something in her email account.

She had some spam emails and this led to a bit of talk about Viagra and various jokes related to that. I was half-listening to that chat and half-thinking about email in general and how I am a rabid deleter of everything. I was betting to myself that k. was the kind of person who rarely deleted things and had thousands of emails sitting in her account. It was while k. and d. were trading Viagra humour that I decided to break into the conversational flow and settle the matter once and for all.

"So tell me," I said to k., "have you got a big, unwieldy inbox?"

There was, as there so often is when I open my mouth, a pause followed by many guffaws.

"Oh dear," said d., swivelling in his chair to look at me, "I think you're going to have to blog yourself."

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