19 April 2009

Quite a Stretch

When Inge de Bruin and I decided to do some kind of class thing together - because we are single, independent women and we do as we please - we thought cooking would be fun: learn new dishes, eat yummy food, all that sort of thing. But then after a somewhat wine-sodden afternoon at her place we ended up enrolling in belly dancing, which was a hoot, undeniably, but possibly not an area that could be described as one of our competencies.

When belly dancing finished we said that this time, most definitely, we'd do a cooking class. I was up at Inge de Bruin's place this arvo and over a few champagnes we decided that, hang the chefy aspirations, what we'd really like to do is Pilates. I see a pattern of poor decision making emerging here...

So the Pilates place is near a pub, excitingly enough, and we thought that after an hour or so of the usual physical humiliation, we could toddle across the street for a couple of drinks. I guess we're getting closer to our cooking goal: at least this time round we'll finish each evening slightly toasted.

1 comment:

k said...

toasted; good one!
and re going to the pub - I dare you to do more than stagger to your car going "ouch ouch ouch" afterwards!