10 April 2009

Little Snoring

DJ Pups' plane lands in 5 hours and 36 minutes. When I got up this morning I had all day to get the house clean and tidy. All day. Now, with 5 hours and 35 minutes to go, this is what I've done:

- dropped in on k. and d. who were heading off for a few days in Kalgoorlie; had hysteria-inducing conversation about VPL.
- shot up to Heidi's place to feed her parrots - had nervous breakdown trying to get in front door with dicky lock, went round to friend of Heidi's to get back door key, came back, fed parrots and had a little chat to them so they felt loved.
- dropped in on The Antiquer & co. for quick visit to wish Tam O'Shanter best of luck in the Boston Marathon, finally tore self away 2 hours later after The A had roped me in to babysit the Small Thing while he runs a 10k race next week.
- stopped at the shops for milk.

What I still have to do:

- dust, sweep and mop
- clean bathroom & toilet
- make DJ Pups' bed
- assemble Ikea bookshelves and get all cruddler off the floor of the spare bedroom and into shelves
- wrap DJ Pups' 40th birthday present and write in card
- put wine in the fridge (priorities!)
- clean cat bowls
- put dishes away and stack dishwasher

I'll put the wine in the fridge and then I'll see how I feel about the rest.

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