13 March 2009

She threatened to drown me!

k. and I were lying on our towels on the beach, soaking up the sun after a swim. We were chatting about how she and d. could be back off to Africa at any time.

"So you'd better make the most of me while you've got me, baby!" she said.

What I meant to say: Yea verily, there is much truth in what you say. It also reminds me that QEII now lives in Melbourne, New Girl and Man Hands might flee these shores at any time, Heidi will eventually move back at Sydney, and frankly The Antiquer's company waxes and wanes: sometimes I see him all the time, sometimes never. There are still the shining lights of, for example, Boxer Girl and Scarab, but a girl should never become complacent and since chums are important to me, I should always look for opportunities to expand my circle of intimates.

What I said: Yeah. You know, I really need to get some new friends.


QE11 said...

missing ewe xxx

k said...

Hey, QE11 - Knock 'em dead!