04 March 2009

Maneaters on Motorbikes

A while ago I was bailed up at the entry of Bunnings as I tried to amble in in bare feet. They now have a strict shoe-wearing policy. You know, for public safety. The day this was explained to me I watched a few people walk in in just thongs (yes, flip flops; not the arse flossers), which I did not think were going to offer much protection from anything. Not even the kind of thing Bolle sunglasses protect you from.

But anyway, that's not my point.

I don't really have a point now that I think about it.

The thing is, on Monday afternoon I ducked into Bunnings for a couple of items. I was wearing my pink slippers. No one turned a hair but I think there were burly men waiting in the shadows to restrain me if I reached for anything more hardcore than a tube of Spakfilla. The pride of WA's handymen would have demanded it.

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