21 March 2009

I'm trying; I'm very trying.

New Girl and Man Hands came over last night. They brought Indian food for dinner. It was delicious and we all ate more than we should have. Note to self: Indian food and boot camp don't mix. They just don't.


We all know that teachers know the bad kids' names first. Come down to the oval at 5.45am: my name gets screamed out a lot.


The Antiquer's advice is: "Just when you think you've had enough, do more." My advice is: "When you think you've had enough it's probably time to curl into a ball and sob. Quietly or loudly - but you probably don't have the lung capacity for real wails."


d said...

Was it a "creepy" curry??

word verification: shingsac... which is apparently a Peruvian printing company

hazelblackberry said...

No - ha ha! No creepy curry - too many instances of creepy belly afterwards.