15 March 2009

First we'll brush our teeth and then we'll sing Summer Lovin'!

The Antiquer phoned. "Small Thing wants to know when she can have a sleepover at your place."

Small Thing had come with us when The Antiquer was dropping me home. She wanted to meet Pounce and Finny. "Nice clean floors," she said when she walked into the house (oh to see things through the eyes of a child!). Then she commented on the fact that there was a photo of Finny on the fridge but not one of Pounce.

"That's because you drew a picture of Pounce and that's on the fridge," I pointed out to her:

The cats very kindly, though somewhat warily, came out for a meet and greet. It seems that Small Thing had placed great stock in the possibility of seeing them. The Antiquer told me she had said to him, "Dad, you have to dress me. I don't want the cats to laugh at me."


Spud Mack said...

Is that a bloody knife stabbing pounce in the back....I would keep an eye on small thing around the cats!

hazelblackberry said...

I think it's supposed to be a portrayal of Pounce's magnificent, furry tail. But Small Thing does have a macabre edge to her. Anything's possible, terrifyingly enough.

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