03 February 2009

She ordered a cab sav but I think they gave her goon.

Last night QEII and I went out for dinner to celebrate her birthday. The restaurant was completely empty except for us. It unnerved me.

When we got home I went to get changed into a dress that I'm not too sure about, to get QEII's opinion. While I was in another room wrestling with buttons and belts, she busied herself with a piece of chalk and my kitchen blackboard.

Firstly, I had the beginnings of a shopping list on there -

light globes

- which she decided to deface:

Now that's just common, that sort of carry on.

And then she had the nerve to try to redeem herself with this blatant bit of crawling:

She insisted on having a giant serve of ice cream for dessert. I hope it gave her a bellyache.

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