15 February 2009

Round and Round

QEII came over last night for some nibblies and champagne. We nibbled on the nibblies but we forgot about the champagne. Instead QEII assembled my Ikea bookshelves while I swept and mopped and moved things to and fro, and we passed the time in not-so-idle gossip.

It had been a while since my friend had applied herself to furniture construction with only an Allen key and a screwdriver to aid her. The first set of shelves got put together slightly back to front and had to be taken apart. After that, knowing what she was doing, she entered her self-described "smug" stage and the next two came together quick smart. Some harsh language might have been used on the final set of shelves. I'm not sure. I try not to listen to these things. Apparently she'd made a mistake because she had moved from "smug" to "cocky".

I like it when progression is a circle.

1 comment:

QE11 said...

I categorically deny the use or aid of an allen key.
pure brawn baby.