19 February 2009

Reading Delights

From Vetrun: the magazine of Masters Athletics WA (November 2007, p2):

Thanks for the typos...

PERHAPS most readers won’t believe it, but the copy that appears in these pages is mostly checked, and sub-edited before printing. It’s part of the noble calling of editor. It can be tedious at times, especially when tables of results need sorting. (Or double white spaces must be deleted after full stops. Any ears burning?)

However, there are compensations. Childish delight comes from some typos, and I’m almost happy that the writer didn’t use a spellchecker.

Gilding their lilies?

This month’s pleasures came with the announcement that WA athletes achieved 'nine gelds'. Seemed a bit harsh, considering they had just won their events. And the winners of the 'weight pantaloon' must have laboured under a mighty handicap.

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