06 February 2009

A little bit of power…

No, I’m not talking about me (New Girl) having the power in once again holding the reins to hb’s blog, I refer instead to the reason why!

I met hb for a long Friday lunch today, (“Start as you mean to go on New Girl!” hb declared when I wondered aloud if she could justify this on her first day), and as soon as the waiter took the menus away:

hb: “I have no internet access there yet, you must blog for me. Make some notes.

NG: “Hey! Slow down there – you’re not MY manager!

In alignment with the true collaborative style for which I am known, I agreed to facilitate this communication medium. However because I am who I am I stopped for a coffee on my way home first. You’re not the boss of me etc.

OK – here you are. hb says:


Dear, dear readers,

It is with regret that I cannot bring you my much loved Eyes and Ears post within the usual timeframe. I know this is not the standard you have come to expect from me, and -as an international blogger of some renown- it is disappointing to say the least that my new employer has not yet realised the wide spread devastation they have caused by failing to provide me with the most basic of amenities. But readers, fret not, as soon as I learn their names I will be sacking the people responsible. I will – of course – bring you up to date with my readings and listenings, (perhaps even my learnings), later on. After I get home from paying Tam O’Shanter and Small Thing a visit. Do check in later to find out what literature and tunes I have been gracing with my attention.

I love you all.


So there you have it. She’s NOT blogging yet, but she’s THINKING about it. Apparently she going to write about how she read a book about someone who once met Hemmingway and then wrote about it.

Hemmingway. I have heard of him. Fact.

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hazelblackberry said...

New Girl is a trooper but, like, waaaay over the top with the labels.

Excellent post, New Girl. Thank you.