16 February 2009

I'm in ur planet, killin ur ozone.

Having a parking bay at work poses two dilemmas for me. The first is the problem that it's so tiny I'm too afraid to use it. I'm still parking out on the street. I know, I know. Boxer Girl expressed her disgust with me on Friday. But definitely some time this week I'm going to give it a go. Maybe.

But the other thing is: environment! I've joined the thousands of other commuters in their cars - just the one person per car - clogging the roads and spewing pollution into the air. Because I have a car bay - even though I don't use it, I know - I've been driving every day, telling myself that today is most certainly the day I'll park in my bay. And then it also seems that every day I have a reason to get behind the wheel because I'm going here or there or somewhere straight after work. You know how it is. I'm just a dirty stop out, as k. told me.

So today I've hit on a solution: I'm going to listen to Eddie Cochran on my way into town! He sings a lot of songs celebrating the driving life. That should make me feel better. Oh. Wait. When I said I had a solution, I meant a solution for me; not for the planet.

And I'll try not to think about the fact that old Eddie died in a car crash.

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New Girl said...

So.... there's an empty car bay under your building is there...? Well well. Perhaps I should be wiggling the Rex into it! I was going to say 'quietly wiggling' but we all know what a joke THAT would be.
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