18 February 2009

I Said She Said

k. and I were browsing the clothes racks in Myer. She was in the market for some new blouses. I found one I thought she should try.

What I meant to say: "Although this top is remarkably similar to the one you're wearing, and I know you're looking for something different, it is nevertheless a lovely top and you should try it on."

What I said: "How about this one? It's just like the one you're wearing - but it's nice!"


I felt better moments later when k. told me about going to support a musician friend, singing for the first time at the Fly By Night Club. The girl was a little nervous and after a couple of tunes asked for requests from the audience.

What k. meant to say: "You're fabulous! Anything will do!"

What she said: "Play something good!"

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