28 February 2009

I can't play your interviews; can't hear your photographs.

As we drove home from Parky I was getting increasingly cranky at not being able to tune my iPod into a radio station without it fading or cutting out. I turned everything off in frustration.

"You know," said New Girl, "the radio also plays many free-to-air music stations."

Well! Isn't she the knowledgeable thing!


I got the iPod tuned in and put Sugar on.

"Here's some music you probably won't like," I told New Girl.

"Who's this singer?"

"Bob Mould. Formerly of Husker Du."

"Formerly of the Planet Zark! When you talk about music I can't understand a word you're saying."

She listens to a lot of Kanye.


But she was right about the radio. Astounding. The reception conked out again driving to my house so I just tuned in to the nearest station, which was playing 'No Regrets' by The Walker Brothers. I hadn't heard that song in years! I sang along, happy as a clam, and then when I was back at home I immediately downloaded it.

Sometimes New Girl makes so much sense. But The Walker Brothers? She still won't know what I'm talking about.


Susan said...

I love Bob Mould.

tonelawc said...

"Never Talking to You Again" and Friendly's "I love you (but...)" have sometimes seemed like the stories of Tone's life.