17 February 2009

Hang your head, prairie dog.

At my old job we all had offices, so to lessen the social isolation we'd be popping in and out for chats and gossip throughout the day. At this new job it's much more old school with some people in offices and everyone else in cubicles. The people in the cubicles stand up, have a stretch, and wander around to someone else's cubicle for a chinwag. Sometimes even three or four of them will gather together. Oh how gay and bright sounds their laughter and their chatter! People occasionally drop by my office, but it doesn't happen very often. Occasionally I stick my head out the door and smile in what I think is a friendly and encouraging way, but everyone takes that as a signal to stop talking and get back to work.

[Note to self: homework - practise 'friendly' smile.]

Poo. I want to be one of them; not one of them.


k said...

Once they get to know you, Haze, they won't be able to keep out of your office. And if that doesn't happen, why, you're the boss! Order them to like you.

hazelblackberry said...

Thank you, k. I was relying on my natural charms but I feel that brute power may have to be exerted.

Karen said...

Them's the breaks.

hazelblackberry said...

Your comment isn't exactly dripping with sympathy, Karen. Harrrrrumph!